Erica Thowe,
Owner & Principal Designer

Erica Kay Thowe has built one of Kansas City’s most distinguished remodeling and interior design firms. Combining sophisticated style with solid business practices, Erica’s experience and certification provide sharp attention to detail and specialties in residential remodels and design.

Known for timeless interiors, Erica Kay’s work always reflects her client’s overall vision. Whether designing a traditional or contemporary space, her simple approach and well-trained eye result in a warm elegance that is unmistakable. From space planning to the final touches, Erica Kay is personally involved in all aspects of the remodeling and design process to ensure that each client receives personal and dedicated attention.

Erica Kay Remodeling + Design offers remodeling and interior design services in the Kansas City area. Creating distinctive and welcoming homes, Erica Kay Interior Design invites you to enjoy the remodeling and design process with the confidence that our professional design team is on your side.



Jessica Berry,
Senior Designer

Interior Designer Jessica Geier joined the Erica Kay Design team at the beginning of 2015. For Jessica, it is important to design rooms that are not only aesthetically pleasing but spaces that encompass your personality and truly feel like home. Having strong family ties, her dog babies included, she realizes that good interior design should cater to you and your families need when it turns out absolutely beautiful, that’s just an added bonus!

A great appreciation for smart kitchen design comes from Jessica’s love of cooking, she’s convinced the atmosphere adds a little dash of something special to every meal. If you throw on an old record, pair her meal with a fine craft beer,  this little lady is in heaven!

Whether space planning or reviving a table found in her hometown antique store, Jessica is always up for a design challenge, in fact, she thrives on it! Taking the old, creating the new, and getting to meet exceptional people along the way is why she loves her job!